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Steps to Report a New Job to Child Support in Texas. 1. Submit a Review for Modification. Reporting new jobs to child support is a form of modifying your child support order. Only one request for a review is required and may be submitted through the online form or by mailing a Request for Review form to the Child Support Division.
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House Bill 1863 also laid the foundation for the current Texas welfare, workforce development and subsidized child care systems. The changes created by House Bill 1863 and implemented over the following five years were in line with three overriding philosophies in Texas government: Local control Smaller, more efficient government.

Now, we share our passion by helping child support agencies in all 50 states. Through a combination of optimized performance, bringing modern technology to the forefront of Child Support, and creating both a data and customer service driven agency, our services will bring Child Support agencies to the next level.
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  • Often, I am asked how a person may modify their child support arrears, either because the person obligated feels: (1) the child support obligation was unfair at the time it was entered; (2) since the original Order was entered they lost their job or had a reduction of income or an increase of expenses; or (3) the child (ren) are now emancipated ...
  • This section of the Texas Constitution prohibits wage garnishment except for child support and spousal maintenance. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Chapter 61 This chapter discusses the writ of attachment, which allows a creditor to place a claim on a debtor's assets, including funds in a bank account, while a suit over the debt is ...
  • According to the most recent data, the Child Support Program collects more than $32 billion a year on behalf of roughly 16 million children. In 2015, about 65 percent of child support collections ...
  • Apply For Child Support By Mail. The second way to apply for child support is by mail. You will need to complete an application and then mail it to the Texas Attorney General‘s office. To get an application you can either: Contact the Texas AG Office at 800.252.8014 and have an application mailed to you.
  • Texas lawmakers reformed key sexual assault laws in 2019. Advocates hope the progress continues this session despite the pandemic. Lawmakers and advocates are pushing for statutory changes and ...