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Well, seems for some reason, Stockholm Syndrome strikes quickly on a beach, make a quick note... This trope occurs when a victim falls in love with their rapist (or rapists) as a consequence of (or alternatively, in spite of) the rape. More often than not, the rapist turns out to have acted out of pure love, or winds up loving his/her victim emotionally too.
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Thomas gave her a squeeze and smiled, causing her to smile back as she looked at her best friend. "Thanks," Lady began. "You've been there for me ever since this whole thing began and I want you with me when this thing with Boomer ends." "I will," Thomas replied. "We'll get through this together.".

Breaking Dawn is the fourth and last novel in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.The novel is divided into three sections called 'books'. The story in Book One and Book Three is told from the perspective of Bella Swan.Book Two is from the perspective of Jacob Black, Bella's werewolf friend. Breaking Dawn was released on August 2, 2008 with a special midnight release in many bookstores.
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  • Bella and Edward come home from their honeymoon after Bella finds she is pregnant . What ... She has grown, and it's almost time for Ness to start having feelings for Jake. Bella and Edward are so scared- but they ca... sequel; romance; bellaandedward +4 more # 18.
  • Je recherche une fanfiction twilight all human. Read Fanfiction online. After Edward leaves Bella during New Moon her danger magnet attracts vampires of all other kinds. Bella wants to die, and almost gets her wish fulfilled when she gets hit by a shiny Volvo. Twilight Fanfiction Non Canon, AU, e. PM if you have a recomondation(s) for me.
  • Kristen Stewart y Robert Pattinson como Bella Swan y Edward Cullen 4. I much preferred Bella's look in Breaking Dawn part 2 to all the other movies. .. agressive. i have the ability to shield people. i am nineteen years old. in human years. Beating heart {Twilight Fanfiction}{Updating} -
  • The Twilight Suite Life of Zack and Cody (and the Cullens) *This starts off with Bella and Edward walking into the Boston Tipton Hotel for their 2nd honeymoon. The Cullens now live in Alaska, three miles from Tanya's coven. Garrett had married Kate six months ago, so he is now in their coven. Esme and Alice built Edward and Bella a house near .... Pregnant Bella and Daddy
  • All originally written anonymously for comm_ficathon. Immobile Rocks Prompt: Jeff/Britta, maybe I'm amazed at the way I really need you ( Collapse ) Relapse Prompt: Jeff/Britta, detox just to retox ( Collapse ) To Be Lonely is a Habit Prompt: An AU where Britta is a sleazy lawyer and Jeff is an ex-anarchist trying to figure out the direction of his life. ( Collapse )