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Wild Fruits, Berries, Nuts & Flowers, by B. James. The book was first published in 1942, and retailed at 1s 6d, when wartime rationing was in place and wild harvesting could make a huge difference for hungry families. The author notes that ‘Lemons are unobtainable’ and providing advice on what to use as alternatives.

From wild carrot to serviceberries, pineapple weed to watercress, lamb’s quarter to sea rocket, Foraging Oregon uncovers the edible wild foods and healthful herbs of the Beaver State. Helpfully organized by plant families, the book is an authoritative guide for nature lovers, outdoorsmen, and gastronomes. This guide also includes.
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  • Keep a watchful eye for the evil critters). If you see salicornia (pickleweed, saltwort, etc), you are too salty. Step back a few feet. In the Midwest — southern Michigan is an exceptionally good place to look for wild asparagus, for example — look around ditches, hedgerows, farm field edges and especially fence lines.
  • The book is a guide to all the different fungi in the Pacific Northwest. The book describes and identifies over 200 species found in Oregon and gives specific details on what to look for when ...
  • "Foraging Oregon: Finding, Identifying, and Preparing Edible Wild Foods in California," is a Falcon Field Guide by Christopher Nyerges, released in 2016, part of the Falcon Press national Foraging series of books. This 216 page book is full color, and is organized by plant family.
  • Helpfully organized by environmental zone, the book is an authoritative guide for nature lovers, outdoorsmen, and gastronomes. GENRE. Science & Nature. RELEASED . 2013. June 4 LANGUAGE. EN. English. ... Foraging Oregon. 2016 Foraging New England. 2013 Foraging California. 2019 Foraging Mushrooms Oregon. 2017 Foraging New England. 2020 Foraging ...